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Flipbooks (cool eBooks)

Flipbooks are an amazing feature that give a true feeling of having the book in your hands, with page turn effects and additional features for you to enjoy time and time again. Beneath is a quick guide to using Flipbooks on Mobile phones/Tablets plus Cool Features to Try to get the most fun out of each book...

For Desktop, simply click on book to open in double page view and click book corner or next page arrow above book.


Mobile Phone and Tablets

Step 1 - Select the Book you would like to enjoy and click the 3 dots either at the top of your page or sometimes at the bottom of your page (can have 3 lines or alternate) - this opens your browser options.

Step 2

A drop down menu or equivalent will pop up or down with a checkbox next to 'Desktop Site'

Step 3

Checkbox to add a tick. This should update the page to desktop version. Click off onto page to view book in desktop mode.

Step 4

Click the expand button to open in full view mode and best viewing experience. Make sure to turn your phone onto its side to get the book into full picture.


Step 6

In side view (or full menu view), use the wonderful flipbook feature by flicking pages from side to side with your finger or alternately clicking on pages or using the page arrows above book.


Step 5

Make sure Book is turned onto side view (if this is disabled on your phone, you can usually pull down top menu to enable side view). This will give a full screen best viewing experience.

Step 8

Move around the screen using your fingers to pan. Click + to zoom in or - to zoom out and Exit Zoom in the top left hand corner to go back to flipbook.

Step 7

Fun features include expand mode to enlarge book and move into specific areas. Click on the magnifying glass symbol with a + inside to start.